No Time Like The Present.

January 28, 2015

Moving. A word that instils both panic and excitement.

To stand in your home of 10 years, look around and realise that you’re packing and taking only a few things is mildly terrifying. Naturally, the simple solution was to procrastinate by flicking between google maps, tripadvisor and*, and wait for those mysterious packing fairies (wishful thinking?). Well unfortunately for me the packing fairies didn’t come, but here I am telling the story from the other side of the world. I survived!


yesterday, now, tomorrow


It is a big move. It will be exhausting. But the truth is, it is possible and you will have the time of your life. So what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present!

1. Sea Freight

Shipping at its cheapest will take a minimum of 12 weeks – so best not to be relied on with life’s necessities. For us, this worked by packing boxes of various sizes that made up 1 cubic metre and would fit on a single palette. That’s it. These boxes brought over anything heavy – mostly books, DVDs, a second set of linen (take note, I say ‘second’) and some other stuff.

The unfortunate thing for those of us moving to Europe from Australia is that it’s far from direct. Before finding its way to ‘the continent’, most freight has to go via Asia and the UK changing ships each time. And ours missed the boat in Asia which added another two weeks. So, if you know you’re going to need something that is going in the sea freight within a few months, invest in air freight.


2. Air Freight

I can’t even remember why we ended up sending one box by air freight, but I’m so glad we did! You don’t realise how much you own until you own nothing. Spending a little extra FedEx-ing a duvet, a set of linen, towels and basic kitchen utensils, will save you in the long term. Air freight is going to be expensive, but to have just a few basic things from home from the very beginning, it’s worth it. That is by far my hottest tip of the trans-continental moving experience.


3. Check-in luggage

The damsel in distress card has worked for me a few times and resulted in upgrades (extra luggage!)… but I wouldn’t rely on it, good luck!


People always talk about needing to be ruthless when it comes to packing, of course it’s true, but be generous and spend the money and air freight the bare essentials. When your mattress hasn’t arrived and you don’t own any furniture, you will be pleased to at least have a set of sheets to lay over jumpers when you sleep on the floor and a duvet to cover you. This lasted 4 nights, not even kidding.

Take a deep breath and remember that you want it more than you’re afraid of it.

*If you’re moving to Germany, the simplest and most comprehensive real estate site for non-german speakers is …but I’ll get to that later.


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